Next Online Meeting:

Monday, 14th May 2021 @7.00pm

Annual General Meeting

To be followed at approx. 7.45pm by:

Topic: Are You Ready to Perform?

Presented by: Alex Reid (RFU Consultant for Strength & Conditioning)

With a return to rugby now upon us, it is more important than ever to be appropriately conditioned and fit to perform as we return to action to reduce the incidence of injury and to ensure that we can keep up with play and make decisions whilst under fatigue, as well as enjoy the game. These areas will be covered in the session with Alex.


Normally, SRUSR holds monthly members’ meetings during the season (usually on the last Monday of each month – except in December). These meetings always contain a training aspect, such as a visiting speaker, a practical session or an RFU match official training module. They are held at clubs across Staffordshire with a start time of 7.30 pm.

In addition, the society holds four meetings for the SRUSR Development Squad during the season. While principally for members of the Development Squad, these meetings are open to all society members. The meetings are held at Lichfield RFC with a start time of 7.30 pm, but food is available from 7.00 pm.

However, due to Covid-19, there are no face-to-face meetings currently planned.

Meetings schedule for 2020/21

Society monthly meetings

These are currently being conducted online.