Training & Development

Training & Development Meetings 2021-22

T&D meetings will be a combination of face-2-face and virtual for the 2021-22 season.

Meeting dates are currently proposed as below, complete with venue (if not a virtual format):

  • August 8th – Stafford RFC – Society Pre-Season Training Day
  • September 27th – Stafford RFC – Members Meeting: Experiences after over 18 months of no rugby and Mental Readiness for Rugby
  • TBC

These meetings are good networking opportunities where you can meet with your fellow referees and share experiences with each other. You can catch up with your coach/mentor or form more informal networks with members where you can share/seek advice on situations post-match with them on, say, the trip back home over a phone call.

The meetings themselves – outside of the formal topic – will also contain administrative content across discipline, appointments and expenses amongst other elements. 

Developing and Progressing

SRUSR referees will be assigned a ‘level’ (see Grading document for more information). These ‘levels’ correspond to the current league structure within the English game and is common practice across societies in the country.  The Gallagher Premiership is Level 1 with the RFU Championship being Level 2. Appointments to these levels are covered by the RFUs Professional Game Match Official Team (PGMOT).  Then there is National 1 (Level 3) and National 2 and 3 (Levels 4 – 5), where appointments are covered by the Community Rugby Department at the RFU. At Level 6 and below is where SRUSR beings to appoint referees and develop these referees.

English League Pyramid Structure

Not all games played in England fall easily within this pyramid structure and some of these games to which SRUSR may be asked to appoint include:

  • Merit Table league and community rugby
  • Women’s league and cup rugby
  • School and Junior club rugby
  • RFU and County Cup competitions
  • Representative fixtures

Not all referees wish to progress up the pyramid and they find a level they are happy at and wish to remain refereeing at. SRUSR will then ensure these referees are kept up to date on the Laws of the Game and RFU Regulations along with a seasonal ‘MOT’ review by a society watcher.  

Those wishing to progress and develop as far as possible up the pyramid will be offered the support as outlined under the Development Squad section.  

RFU Resources

The following link contains access to:

  • Red and Yellow Card report forms (see Discipline section for more information)
  • Referee Abuse forms
  • Match Observer/Coaching report forms
  • Training resources (both online video resource and upcoming courses)