world rugby laws 2019 – PDF format (January 2019)

Online-MOD-Reports – released September 2018. This guide provides instructions for how to access the Match Official Developer report forms on (WTR).

RFU Red Yellow Card Form 2018-19. Level 5 and Below V3 – released October 2018. This revised report form should only be completed and forwarded to the SRU Disciplinary Secretary (Kev Cantrill) and a copy to Steve Bowden, in the following circumstances:

  1. Foul play – straight Red Card
  2. Two Yellow Cards (& therefore associated Red Card), e.g. 2 x YC for foul play or 1 x YC for foul play + 1 x YC for technical offence(s) or 2 x YC for technical offences

Policy re touchline behaviour NM Sept2018 – released September 2018. This policy should be read prior to officiating in North Midlands.

Training Day (12 Aug 2018) report – released August 2018.

New expenses form 18-19 – released August 2018 (Excel Format)