Return to Rugby – Applying the New Law Variations

It has previously been pointed out to members that age grade and adult rugby at level 3 and below can only be played under adapted laws (No scrum or maul) as shown on the Return to Rugby Community Roadmap – Stage D2.

This includes all formats of the game, including 7s and Tens. The England Rugby Community Game Law Variations 2020-21 have been clarified to support this understanding.

We are now being asked to help to ensure that our members comply with the application of the law variations, as, unfortunately, we are seeing a number of personal interpretations appearing through social media. We appreciate that colleagues could potentially come under pressure from coaches & players to play with ‘passive scrums’ or anything looking like a scrum. However, this is not permitted under the Government Guidance.

While we appreciate how frustrating this may be for the rugby community, we also understand the picture that Government and Public Health England (PHE) are currently looking at, with growing concerns around the Indian variant of Covid-19 in England.

Thank you for your support and let’s please ensure that our members play their part to restrict the spread of the virus and to keep our game being played.

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