AGM & Members’ Meeting – 24 May 2021

The AGM will begin at 7.00 pm.

To be followed at approximately 7.45 pm by MATCH OFFICIALS – ARE YOU FIT TO PERFORM? A presentation by Alex Reid.

Alex has consulted for the RFU since 2009, working with the PGMOT, developing the fitness and conditioning of the full time match officials on a regular basis. Her role is to ensure that the match officials are fit to perform week in, week out. With a return to rugby now upon us, it is more important than ever to be appropriately conditioned and fit to perform as we return to action to reduce the incidence of injury and to ensure that we can keep up with play and make decisions whilst under fatigue, as well as enjoy the game. These areas will be covered in the session with Alex.

Alex is a strength & conditioning specialist who has worked in high-performance sport for almost 25 years. Her background includes 10 years in professional football for two Premiership Clubs, as well as consultancy for the Rugby Football Union, World Rugby, the Football Association, England Athletics, her private client base, and a member of the Royal Family. Alex is a keen author and has written three books published in recent years on various components of fitness and conditioning.

The meetings will be on Zoom – a single invitation for both. If you would like to attend, please email Steve Barr at Invitations will probably be sent out on Sunday 23 May, but please don’t leave it till then to let Steve know that you would like one.

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