Community rugby to remain at Stage D2 from 17 May

Unfortunately, the government has not given permission for the RFU to re-instate scrums and mauls in community rugby from 17 May 2021. This applies to both age grade and adult rugby at Level 3 and below.

We must therefore, regrettably, remain at Stage D2 from Monday 17 May until further notice. As per Stage D2 guidance, contact training (excluding scrum and maul) and 15-a-side adapted laws matches may continue.

While we appreciate how frustrating this news will be for the rugby community, we also understand the picture that government and Public Health England (PHE) are currently looking at, with growing concerns around the Indian variant of Covid-19 in England.

Next Steps

The RFU remains in close contact with government and continues to press for progression to Stage E1, and therefore a move to full contact training, as soon as health guidance suggests this is possible.

In the meantime it is important that we all; CBs, clubs, coaches, players, match officials and volunteers, adhere to all government guidance and do NOT return to scrums or mauls until we have been given permission to do so. We will keep you informed.

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