To ensure greater consistency in the application of the sanction table across the Age Grade Game, changes have been made to Red Card Reporting Regulations. This now means that in all cases, where the Referee has issued a Red Card to an Age Grade Player, the Referee must provide within 48 hours, a report to the CB Age Grade Discipline Secretary (CBAGDS) and either the player’s Head Teacher, Principal, Club or Academy.
The revised regulations are:-

7. Reporting
7.1 In all cases where the Referee has ordered-off an Age Grade Player the Referee shall as soon as practicable, and in any event within 48 hours of the end of the match, provide a copy of his/her report to the CBAGDS and either the Age Grade Player’s coach, Club, head teacher or principal as appropriate
7.2 Any rugby disciplinary incident including red cards, that arises in a School, College, Club or Regional Academy match shall be reported to the CBAGDS within 48 hours by the school, college, Club disciplinary officer, Coach or person(s) with delegated authority.
7.3 Thereafter, any finding and/or sanction imposed in relation to the disciplinary incident shall be reported to the CBAGDS within 48 hours.
7.4 The CBAGDS or the RFU Head of Discipline shall have the power to review any finding and/or sanction imposed by a Club, College, School, Academy or coach and, if he/she is of the view that the finding and/or sanction imposed was unreasonable in all the circumstances, will refer the matter to the NAGDS for consideration. The NAGDS may direct that the club, school, college or coach review the matter and report back to the NAGDS, who, if it is still necessary may convene a suitably qualified disciplinary panel to deal with the matter and it may vary the sanction imposed if considered appropriate to do so.
Please address any supplementary questions to Ian at

The CB Age Grade Discipline Secretary (CBAGDS) for Staffordshire is Kev Cantrill, who can be contacted as follows: 01543 672737 (home phone) or (email).

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