Eccleshall RFC request support

SRUSR has often expressed its willingness to visit clubs in Staffordshire if requested. Below is an account from Steven Dolphin, Head Coach of Eccleshall RFC:

Eccleshall rugby club had been conceding a vast amount of penalties in recent weeks, so Head Coach ‘Dolph’ asked for some support from the Staffordshire Referees Society.

The session was predominantly looking at the breakdown, but we also looked at other specific areas during a Q&A session. Both Paul and Neil refereed some conditioned games and worked with players to explain decisions and also helped players gain an understanding of exactly what they are looking for in certain situations.

The players found the session extremely valuable and discussions about that night have been ongoing every Saturday since and our penalty count has reduced over recent weeks. 

The players appear to have a greater appreciation of the referee and a better understanding of how referees will interpret specific situations and how sometimes that will vary from week to week dependent on the referee.

I will certainly be planning future referee-led sessions into the season next year as the closer we work together the smoother our games can flow, which is a win win situation for both the referees and the players.

Thanks once again must go to Paul and Neil for giving up their time on a Thursday night. As a club, we look forward to working with you in the pre-season and beyond.



If you are a Coach of a local side and you wish to have a visit from a senior member of SRUSR to discuss the application of the laws of the Game and how to interpret the decisions made by local referees, then please feel free to contact by email either the Chairman of SRUSR ( or the Secretary of SRUSR (

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