Core Values

At the pre-season training day in August, we discussed issues around the Core Values of the Game and how we, as a referees’ society, could do our bit to ensure that all parties adhere to these Core Values.
One aspect that was suggested on the day was a simple report form on the SRUSR website. This is now available and can be accessed by clicking on the Contact header above the photo of the 9 referees and visiting the Contact page where it is showing at the bottom of the page as the Core Values Concern Reporting Form. It requires specific information including your name, email address, telephone number, the club(s) involved, and the nature of the issue. There is also space for any other information that you might want to provide. Then, just click on the Submit button.
Please remember that this is not designed to replace the issuing of yellow or red cards by referees or the completion of a match official abuse form (if required), but, rather, is a more informal way of registering any concerns that a referee or match observer might have about the behaviour or conduct of players, coaches, club officials and/or spectators that does not adhere to the Core Values of the Game and should be brought to the attention of the officers of the Society so that a better picture can be gathered for possible future action.

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